How to use the VLE Firefly with your OneNote Class Notebook?


If using Microsoft OneNote as a teacher, it is useful to download the add-in ‘Class Notebook’ from here:

This is what it looks like along the top of the screen:

classnotebook tab

To create a class OneNote Notebook, you need to click on ‘create class notebook’.  Once all your classes have been created, follow the steps below.

Notice that I have linked the Class notebook to my school’s Virtual Learning Environment.  In this case, it is called ‘Firefly’.

tab connections

Clicking on ‘connections’ brings up a list of various VLE’s that educational establishments use.  Scroll down until you find yours.  Mine is:

You then need to click the connections tab again and ‘map your class notebooks’.  As long as your VLE is set up correctly, see below.  This allows the VLE to feed through the correct class lists.

map class notebooks

Then, just click ‘map students’.  Sometimes, if the student’s name is slightly different (Benjamin to Ben for example) OneNote will not pick this up and you need to manually click on the name to match up.

map students


This is it!

Now, whenever I want to set a task on Firefly, I stay in my OneNote and click ‘Create Assignment’.  This will then feed through to a task on Firefly.  It also distributes that specific page, into the student area for them to work on, if you want them to work within OneNote.


Note: Don’t place anything within the ‘description’ box, as it does not appear on the Firefly task.


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