GCSE History Revision: Personalised learning using Microsoft Onenote Class Notebook

The image below is a final piece of revision homework completed by a year 11 GCSE History student.  It was completed during the half term holiday, but this did not stop me marking it from home on the tablet with the stylus pen.

The answer above needed small improvements, particularly question 3…which led to an exchange via Onenote to give that individualised support.

In fact, you know you have done your best to support a year 11 student prepare for their upcoming GCSE examination when they email you over half term holiday with:

Thankyou very much. I have looked through our comment and have made some adjustments. I noticed that it was question 3 on this paper that I needed to work on and so I complete the other question 3 on the other paper that you gave us. It is in my homework section on my OneNote and i was wondering if it would be possible for you to mark. I have taken your advice on board and added more specific own knowledge. 

Regards, student XYZ’

What was great was the student’s further response:

‘I have again completed another question on the 2 sources given, this time from the 2016 paper just to try and hone the technique. It is in my homework section on OneNote and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to mark it. 

Regards student XYZ’

This time the marking was using highlighter, but also with audio feedback so the student was very clear about what needed to be improved and looked like this:

The audio file is clicked on by the student to listen to.  As it goes through the recording, it highlights where I marked the script for the student to track.

The advantage of having audio feedback linked to pen stylus highlighting also allows the student to listen back to the specific points of improvement in their own time and maximises the chance that the feedback makes a difference, compared to traditional written feedback.

A final attempt, much improved.  He is ready to sit his examination hopefully with more confidence.

What is the potential impact here?

  • The entire feedback process took less than 24 hours – time is of the essence for GCSE revision as well as student engagement in meaningful dialogue
  • did not take place at school – all from home via the internet
  • directly supported the final revision process for the student
  • personalised learning and timely intervention to have maximum high quality impact through audio and written teacher advice

Question:  Without Onenote Class Notebook, how would this exchange have occurred, especially given the fact it was during half term holiday?

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